This past Friday I drove out to West Bend to play in my buddy Evan’s putting league. I had never done a putting league before and had no idea what to expect. It was held at a place called TNT Fitness Results, a CrossFit gym that has an employee who is involved in the disc golf community.

The league had three separate stations set up with 4 distances. Each player would putt 4 discs per spot and you got points for making them and hitting chains/basket. Surprisingly my p3x’s were feeling fantastic and I ended up taking second place behind my friend Donny Ferguson, resulting in taking $10 home.

After that we created super fun obstacles and did a random draw doubles round with the same point system. The only difference is you had two players to make 4 out of the team’s 8 putts. After a few rounds of flipping for partners, I ended up getting Donny as my partner and we were able to snag the win and another $10.

I’m no where near the professional level, but “accepting cash” felt awesome and I hope I can get there someday! Here’s a vlog I put together of the event consisting mostly shots from the doubles round. If you’ve never attended a putting league, I highly recommend it. They’re a great way to stay loose during the off season and hang out with friends in the process.