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On Saturday, February 16th, 2019, Mike Harrington, Josh Storar and I took a road trip down to Rockford, Illinois to play a couple new courses before The Indoor Disc Golf Experience. This trip came directly after Saturday Snowthrowers, a league at Valley View Park. I was dealing with some bad pain in my left arm due to the hardware I had installed a few years back, but decided to make the most of it.

Upon leaving New Berlin, we stopped at an Arby’s for lunch. Mike will tell you that he thinks their meat is much better. Josh agrees as he got a sandwich that had literally every one of their meats on it. After we filled our stomachs, we headed south to Nick Saelens Memorial Park in Durand, Illinois.

The course wasn’t the worst course. Some of the holes along the river were really challenging and picturesque. However, some holes used the space somewhat funny. We also ran into a random person named Israel that ended up being extremely nice and threw a few holes with us. I don’t know if I’d make a trip to visit there, but if you’re in the area, play it to add to your list!

From there we headed to Ingersoll Memorial Golf Course to play another course. It was getting dark, and while we managed to finish the last few holes without being able to see, it was too cold and difficult to really develop an opinion on the course. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll try it again.

At nightfall, we headed to Mercyhealth Sportscore Two for The Indoor Disc Golf Experience. The course featured many holes that were a lot farther than the holes during the Milwaukee event. Plenty of vendors sold product to those that wanted and live music filled the place. Accompanied by great friends, it was overall a great time. Thank you to Jeff Showers at Visual Eclipse Productions for running the event!

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