The Discmania Evolution Neo Enigma is the first distance driver introduced in the Evolution lineup and is manufactured by Latitude 64. Rated at 12 5 -1 2, the Enigma is perfect for those looking for something a bit less stable than the DD3. For fast arm speed players, you’ll be able to hyzer flip this disc for a full flex shot covering a ton of distance. For slow arm speed players, this disc will be a safety net in headwinds and a guaranteed hyzer when the shot calls for it.

For me personally, this disc has become a staple in my bag. It’s enabled me to slowly develop a forehand that I can trust and it’s my go-to disc when the wind is roaring.

Available Monday, September 9th, 2019! Visit your local Discmania retailer or visit to pick up yours. To connect with me, follow @caddiediscgolf on Instagram and subscribe to my channel on YouTube.