I’m really happy to announce a new partnership with Nomadic Disc Golf! Nomadic is an online retailer based out of Michigan and is a dealer for Discmania, Discraft, Prodigy and soon Innova. Looking to serve their local community through tournament sponsorships, Nomadic is focused on growing the sport of disc golf while providing the best discs on the market.

Earlier this year, Kelly (co-founder) reached out to me and told me that they were working on launching a new company and that they may want to work with me in the future. As of November 2019, I’m honored to be sponsored by them and am looking forward to seeing where our partnership goes.

Use Promo Code “CADDIE” For a Disc-ount!

While shopping on www.nomadicdg.com, check out using the promo code “CADDIE” and you’ll save on your order! Not to mention, when you use my promo code, you’re supporting me and my mission to grow the sport of disc golf.

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