Recently, a buddy of mine sent me a text giving me a good idea for a YouTube video series. I sat and thought about it for awhile, and I decided that I’d approach it as a blog series first. Perhaps when the weather gets nicer in a few months I’ll turn it into a video series, but I don’t want to hold out on sharing this information with the people that may want it.

In this multiple part series, I’m going to be covering all of Discmania’s available discs – beginning with their putters, continuing on to their mid ranges, fairway drivers, and finally their distance drivers. If you’re currently a Discmaniac, then everything shared you may already know. However, if you’re either new to the sport or new to the Discmania lineup, then I’m going to do everything I can to help teach you about what Discmania has to offer.

Who is Discmania?

Discmania was founded by European disc golfer Jussi Meresmaa. A competitive threat within his disc golf community throughout the 90’s, Jussi had the idea of creating a disc golf line built with simplicity and timelessness in mind. After partnering up with Innova and disc golf legend Dave Dunipace in 2006, Discmania came to light with it’s first-ever mold, the MD1.

Who Manufacturers Discmania Discs?

Discmania truly is a simple but one-of-a-kind disc golf brand. They’re industry standard setters in everything they do — from quality of product, to innovation and expertise. As a result of their knowledge on disc golf, they became the first company to offer three different disc lineups manufactured by three different disc golf manufacturers. Here’s the breakdown:

Discmania Originals – Manufactured by Innova Discs

Since their humble beginnings, Discmania has always been manufactured by Innova. With the announcement of their new lineups in 2019, the “original” Discmania lineup (manufactured by Innova) was rebranded to “Discmania Originals.” If you see the Discmania Originals branding anywhere on a disc, then it’s safe to assume it’s an Innova product.

Discmania Evolution – Manufactured by Latitude 64

One of two of the newest lineups introduced by Discmania is the Evolution lineup manufactured by Latitude 64. Based out of Sweden, Latitude 64 has been manufacturing Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs, and their own lineup exclusively for many years. Today, any disc with the Discmania Evolution branding is also manufactured by the Swedish company.

Discmania Active – Manufactured by Yikun

The second newest lineup introduced by Discmania is the Active lineup manufactured by Chinese company Yikun discs. Yikun is the newest of the disc manufactures mentioned above, but has already established the reputation as China’s frisbee leader. Aside from the Active lineup, they also manufacture their own line of disc golf discs.

Why did Discmania do this?

The answer is simple. To grow the sport of disc golf. By partnering with manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia, Discmania now has access to a wider range of countries, including countries that may still not know that disc golf is a thing. One of several reasons I throw the brand is because their dedication to evolving the sport, and they’ve done just that with this big move.

I feel like I should be including a paragraph talking about the crush boys Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon. However, if you’re an avid disc golfer like myself, you’re most likely pretty familiar with them. Discmania has done an awesome job developing the team that they have today. While there isn’t a member of the team I dislike, my favorite member may have to be Nate Perkins. Currently rated at 1019, Nate has a very simple game. His max distance is anywhere from 430-450ft, but he’s fine tuned the rest of his game to be able to keep up with even the farthest of throwers on tour. Aside from his talents, he’s also a super down to earth guy.

Alright friends. That’s a wrap on Part 1 of this Intro to Discmania series. If you have any other questions about the brand, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Coming in Part 2, we’ll start talking about the discs themselves — specifically their putters. This will include what putters exist, what plastic types are available, what their purposes are and how you can expect them to fly.

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