I’m Ryan and I started Caddie Disc Golf in 2019 as a brand that gives back to the sport. What started as a photography-based project quickly shifted to content creation. With 20 years of skateboarding routes, filming and editing videos had always been a passion of mine. It didn’t take long before I combined my interest in video creation with my passion for disc golf.

Back in December of 2018, I took a trip down to The Canyons at Dellwood park with some friends and decided to film a vlog-styled video. It felt great being behind the computer editing footage again. On the 28th, I uploaded my first YouTube video. Today, I have over 100 videos and over a thousand subscribers.

As an Ambassador for Discmania, the channel features a lot of reviews showcasing molds from Discmania Originals, Discmania Evolution, and Discmania Active. Being an amateur disc golfer that maxes out at 380ft of distance, my reviews resonate with other disc golfers because I’m more closely aligned with their skill level. While we all aspire to throw like Simon and Eagle, sometimes it’s nice to be able to see how discs fly when a “normal” human throws them.

When I’m not making Discmania content, I love making fun, vlog-styled videos of disc golf life in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin. My goal for the channel is to have fun documenting great times with my friends, giving disc golfers entertainment to watch while off the course, and grow the sport by building a community.

If you’re new here, I welcome you and invite you to check out the channel!